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Published by:

Wilfred van der Kluft




04. 22. 2016




4.0 and up
ColoSoloBook is a colouring book with no less than 150 original drawings to colour in. The drawings are designed by the developer using the ColoSolo Apps specially created for this purpose.

ColoSoloBook means you can get busy colouring straight away. Just choose the materials you want to use and the paper that best fits the medium. For example: Markers on DCP paper and water-based colouring pens on aquarelle paper or matt photo paper. You can print your drawing on this paper as large and as often as you want.

ColoSoloBook includes:
50 “Mandalas”
50 “Full-page” mandala patterns
25 “Randomly” filled drawings
25 “Simple” drawings

The “Simple” drawings are specially created for children. 150 drawings in total for endless hours of colouring fun, for all ages! All that for less than 3 eurocents per drawing. There's not a colouring book out there that can compete with such a low unit price.
A mistake or a smudge is no problem at all – simply reprint the picture afresh. And it's all much easier if you use a flat, smooth surface to work on when colouring in. Pressed too hard? No problem! The rear is unprinted so you won't lose any drawings!

We wish you endless colouring fun!!