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09. 14. 2016




4.0 and up
Start growing buds on your customized farm!
Pot Farm: Grass Roots is the #1 social farming game where you grow plants on your farm, upgrade contraptions, hire workers, enter contests and harvest sticky buds!

• Harvest potent strains of sativa and indica including Maui Waui, OG Kush and Super Silver Haze
• Sell bud from your customized dispensary and make deliveries from the job board
• Customize and decorate your farm and create a stoner paradise by upgrading contraptions
• Buy and sell development materials like baggies, duct tape, locks and scales.
• Hire quirky workers and cows, including legendary, epic and zombie workers.
• Produce goods at The Mill, Bakery, Dairy Farm and Pasture.
• Create Banana Bread, Brownies, Grilled Cheese, Space Cake, Pot Flour and Hash
• Enter weekly Karma contests to win great prizes!
• Upgrade your stash, generator and grow op and feed roachy to get guano
• Use the garage to buy cars like the VW bug, lambo, buggy or upgrade your van!
• Sell and trade with fellow neighbours by squashing spider mites and watering their plants.
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Buy products and strains from in-game friends' dispensaries, or connect with Facebook and buy from your real-world friends! Grab your buddies and invite them to play. The more we grow together, the faster you grow weed!

Play furiously fast, or chill and play nice and slow. This digital business game is great to play with your buds, after a toke, or while taking a ride on the bus.

Your firm has to begin somewhere, so start your THC empire today!

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Please note that Pot Farm: Grass Roots is free to download and play, but some game items are available for purchase using real money. A network connection is also required.