Unreal Estate

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Published by:

Afterthought Games, LLC




06. 11. 2017




4.2 and up
NO ads and NO in game purchases. It's just a game that you can play by yourself (against AI) or online with others. Unreal Estate is a table top card game created by Grand Gamers Guild and this digital representation is a simulation of that game, plus a few bells and whistles, or witch sounds. If you like table top card games you will love Unreal Estate.

In Unreal Estate, the City Council has hired you to build the best cityscape, which you’ll do by drafting building cards to your hand. Rejected designs go to the Scrap Pile, but as demand for those buildings grows, you can reclaim them to score the most points. But be careful that the other architects don’t score them before you!

With 52 regular cards and 18 special cards, the game changes every time you play. Play the AI, or play online against other people.